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„The history of Wing Chun“ & „The six core elements“ (EN-Version)

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„The History of Wing Chun & The Six Core Elements“ delves into the creation and evolution of this renowned Chinese martial arts system.

Furthermore, it explores the transformative potential of Wing Chun’s technology when understood correctly. Alongside a brief biography of Sifu Sergio Pascal ladarola, the book traces the art’s origin in the 1700s through the fusion of specific Emei Shi Er Zhuang and Fujian White Crane sets. It provides in-depth insights into the Tai Ping uprising and its historical figures, shedding light on the lives of prominent Wing Chun Grandmasters. The book also highlights specific technical elements within various Wing Chun lineages and the recent birth of a cultural bridge between China and the West, embodied by the Eternal Spring Institute.

This book is an indispensable addition to your Wing Chun library, unraveling a treasure of Chinese culture not only for modern-day self-defense but also for profound body, mind, and energy development.

We will also provide a german version that will be available soon.

In Kürze werden wir euch hier auch eine übersetzte deutsche Version des Buches anbieten können.

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Hard Cover Buch “ The history of Wing Chun & Six core elements“, 542 Seiten

ENGLISH VERSION (German Version will be available soon.)

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